Welcome to TCS Metals LLC

TCS offers all forms of scrap metal recycling services. We purchase both Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals onsite as well as offer removal services on an individual basis and commercial basis. Including bin, box and trailer services. We purchase, sort, process and market all types of metal recycling.

We pay cash/check and setup AP payments for commercial vendors as well. Our knowledgeable staff has over a decade in the metal recycling industry, helping each individual, municipality and business receive the best return possible.

We are a local business employing and supporting the beautiful communities of Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma for the past several years. Dedicated to helping the local community and businesses of these counties and beyond find the closest home for their metal recycling.

At TCS Metals, LLC we pride ourselves in helping all sorts of industrial metal recycling vendors, providing each and every customer with the highest return possible. Many vendors are unaware of the different values when properly segregating the residuals associated in their different scrap metals. Furthermore, all of our commercial accounts are provided with bin, box and trailer services at no charge and most see a net refund that other competitors simply cannot provide. To help find your business’ highest scrap metal return please call in for a free consultation and possible scrap metal recycling proposal.

Please feel free to stop in at any one of our locations closest to you and speak with a professional regarding your metal recycling needs, large or small.