At TCS Metals LLC, recycling both your industrial-related and farm/household related scrap metal are among the things we do best. You simply won't find more knowledgeable, capable and experienced staff for your scrap handling and recycling efforts anywhere. We are known in the industry for our honesty and integrity, and you can be sure you are always getting the most competitive return along with superior service. We make it easy for you to cash in on your ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

How It Works

Come in and visit one of our locations!

We are in compliance with all state and local laws including the state business and professions codes 21600 and 21606. Please bring a valid USA driver license (or) California ID card to sell any and all scrap metal recycling.

We offer delivery and pickup services for most scrap metal recycling (some minimum quantities may be required) as well as bin, box (10-50 yard available) and trailer services. For property metal cleanup please call for more information.

We can unload any and all scrap metal delivered to any of our locations in a safe and timely manner using the latest equipment in the industry.