About Us

TCS Metals LLC, strives to provide the best possible safety, service, and benefits to our employees and customers. We realize that it takes team work, attitude, communication, and dedication to achieve the satisfaction and success of a winner. Our doors are always open to new ideas that will keep us strong competitively and achieve the growth and stability required in our efforts to be the very best in the metal recycling industry. Our strength comes from long-standing traditions combined with innovative ideas, producing the best results for our employees, customers and community.

We pay top dollar for your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Our scales are calibrated by the California Department of Weights and Measures to insure every pound is counted correctly, insuring that you get every cent out of your metal.

Our yard staff are well trained and equipped to identify any material that you might bring in.

Due to the constantly changing nature of the metal market, we can't display all of our prices, If you would like to know more about the price of a material, feel free to request a quote by calling 707-234-6425 or contact us via email at info@tcsmetals.com.